Mary O’Malley’s work was a combination of many elements. Physically, her knowledge of the human body’s range of motion and anatomy are excellent and her ability to adapt and help clients overcome obstacles, amazing! Her spirituality allows a client to make changes and grow as easily as they can. She is also funny, fun and joyous. It is a pleasure to recommend her.
— Marcus Shulkind, dancer, teacher, choreographer, acupuncturist
Lucky for me I stumbled upon Mary’s pilates class four years ago. I haven’t been the same since. I am a ‘regular’ in her classes but there is nothing ‘regular’ about Mary. She works from the inside out, and I always leave the class with a greater sense of myself and wanting more. The worst part about my week is I have to wait 5 days until I have my classes with Mary. No class is ever the same. She tackles muscles like no other instructor I have ever seen.

In addition, for several weeks I have taken Mary’s mindful meditation class at Unplug meditation studio. Her gentle guidance helps even a newbie like me stay in the present and let go of my inner chatter. I find myself feeling more grounded, thinking less and breathing more. Thank you, Mary!
— Marci Freed


Training, fitness, workout...none of these terms comes close to describing the experience I enjoy in class each week with Mary O’ Malley. Mary’s creative and intelligent approach strengthens and releases deep connections within my body so that I can move with grace and power. Mary is galactic and molecular, specific and global. When Mary greets us, and says, “I just got back from a workshop and I am so inspired!” you are in for the time of your life.
— Heidi Duckler, Artistic/Executive Director, Heidi Duckler Dance Theater
I consider myself fortunate to have found Mary’s Pilates class over two years ago.

I was very unhappy with my previous studio and teacher and went out searching my area for a better option. After trying a few different instructors, Mary’s class had an opening. I knew she was the right fit after one class. I really appreciate the no nonsense professional style method. Every class is planned to surprise us. No predictability here which translates into no boredom! Her creative themes she presents usually gets a giggle or two as we ‘get it.’ My 60 year old body stays strong, challenged, and keeps up. Age is not a factor as she works with all my injuries, aches and pains as well. The mission is always to do the class, but safely.

I look forward to Monday nights each week, preparing myself for another amazing class.

Sweet as can be, professional, experienced, friendly and passionate. That’s Mary!
— Lisa Bernath, Owner at Gotcha Covered
I started classes with Mary the week after I got engaged in a realization that now was the time to get serious about Pilates, something I’d been interested in for a while. As an instructor, Mary clocked my potential from the start and I was surprised at how strong I already was. Mary’s encouragement and comprehensive knowledge of the human body and how it moves never ceases to amaze me. I feel like these traits alone put her miles above most Pilates instructors who, in my experience, just seem to be there to count out reps and aren’t interested in a deeper education that connects the body and mind. My practice with Mary has been so positive that I’ve recommended her to family and friends who all have joined the Mary Fan Club. When life gets busy and I have to miss her class, it truly feels like a sacrifice. I would drive clear across town in LA rush hour traffic to feel as good as I do after her class, and I do, every chance I get.
— Jill Deibler
I have been a client of Mary’s Advanced Pilates class for over three years now. We meet twice a week and I have to say it is the highlight of my week every week. Not only does she keep the class interesting by introducing new exercises and challenging moves, but she also reminds you of the importance of the basics. Her knowledge and understanding of the mind/body connection not only helps you to advance as a student but it also reminds you of how important that connection is, both inside the studio and out. There is nowhere else (not a gym, not another studio etc.) that I have been able to go twice a week for 3+ years and continue to feel that I am pushing myself physically, becoming more healthy and genuinely enjoying my work out.
— Christy Kreisa, Marketing VP, Grace Consulting
I’ve taken some of LA’s best classes over the past thirteen years: yoga, barre, spinning, acrobatics, and pilates to name a few. Mary’s expert knowledge of Gyrotonic® and the body has opened up an entire new world of movement and training. I feel stronger, refreshed, and challenged. The extra bonus is she’s amazing to work with.
— Tom Reinholdt, NBCUniversal
I’ve been working with Mary since 2010 and she is a very dedicated and talented teacher. She is not your regular fitness instructor, she is much more. It’s music to my ears just listening her teach, her cueing is always precise and imagery is very clear. Mary’s classes are very well structured and I always feel like I got a whole body lift after an hour workout with her. She is looking for her clients’ improvement as much as she progresses herself. She cares and it means a lot. It is such a pleasure to be Mary’s student.
— Natalya Tronik